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Who are we?

CSFate – service, where the participants add their CSGo skins, and as soon as there are 100 skins or one and a half minute passed after the second deposit, the system selects a single winner, who gets all the skins in the round.

How it works?

  • You add your skins clicking the button "To bet" sending the trade to our bot. You can add 10 skins maximum at a time, the sum of which should not be less than 0.01 $.

  • For each 1 cent, you add you get 1 ticket (1 $ equals 100 tickets). The chances to win depend on the number of tickets. So, the more you invested to your deposit, the higher your chances to win are.

  • When 100 skins are invested to the bank or 2 minutes after the second bet are over, the system of Fair play chooses the winning ticket. The win will go for the player with the winning ticket.

  • The winner gets all items added during the round (excluding our fee which is from 0% to 15%) after 1 minutes the round is over. Some sending errors might happen, the win can get through to the winner with a delay.

Rules and peculiarities

  1. Each time you send the items, you accept the terms of website's usage.

  2. Maximum trade is 10 items. There are no top limits of the item's price, the deposit should start with a sum of items of not less than 0,01 $.

  3. To develop and support the project, we take the fee from each game that varies from 5% to 15% depending on the bank. If you winning chance was more than 90%, there is no fee at all.

  4. Only CS:GO skins are accepted, other items will not be accepted.

  5. We cannot guarantee the proper estimation of rare items, etc., because we get the prices from STEAM website, and they get an average price of an item from STEAM trading platform.

  6. In case, our bot got banned during 30 minutes after the round is over, we will not compensate anything as the items are still in bot. If you add the deposit at the end of the round, there is a slight chance these skins will go to the next game. We can't be responsible for this because STEAM does not process trades instantly.

When authorizing, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, the use of this site is prohibited.

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