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CSGO Free Skins

Don't have anything to bet with? No troubles! How to get free skins?

  1. Addcsfate.comto your nickname
  2. Subscribe for a STEAM community
  3. Click the button "Get a free CSGO skin"
  4. Click the button "Get 5 free Coins"
  5. Awaiting for the trade
  6. You have 120 second to accept the trade!

CSGO free skins with no deposit


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You can get CSGO free skins just for free and with no deposit on our site. You can get 2 skins and 10 coins a day. OK, what do you need to get a free CSGO skin?

It just simple! You need to add to your nickname and join our STEAM community Then you can get your CSGO skin and 10 coins every day. To get the second skin you need to play the low mode of the CSGO roulette, and you will get the skin right after you lose. You can get CSGO skins every day and with no deposit. Please behave well in chat, otherwise you get banned in chat and won't be able to get free skins. There is also a CSGO referral system in this section: you can get free coins inviting friends. Just tell them your code and after your friend enters it, he'll get 20 coins and you will get 10.