Min bet: 0.56 руб
Bank: 0 руб
Min bet: 56.31 руб
Bank: 147.54 руб
Min bet: 1 coin
Bank: 95 coin
Crash Game!(BETA)
Min bet: 10 coin
Bank: 0 coin
Min bet: 100 coin
Bank: 0 coin

Support. Frequently asked questions and answers.

I did not come all the items after the victory!

With each game we take a commission of 5% to 15% depending on the bank. If your chance was more than 90% of the commission we do not take. Just happens that the Steam caches trades, write there to support and we will return.

I did not come to win!
Sending a win occurs 1 minute after the end of the game, and note that the privacy settings of your Steam account is your inventory must be open:

If winning does not come in an hour it was already necessary to write in support of the previously no sense. On the bot has forwarding of winning! Let tradeffer win did not go - Steam lagger, it happens. In the event of recourse to support those you simply asked to wait for the trade.

If you do not come to a trade you are obliged within 24 hours to write in support for istechniyu time you do not return.

I made a deposit but the items are not included in the game.
This is extremely rare and it happens only because of problems with the stim. Cancel Sent trade, and try again. If, however, the rate began our bot, but was not included in the game write to us in support for the refund within 2 hours.
Your bot rejects my trade!
When your trade strayed - the site you should have seen the error to cause the deviation,
this may be one of the following reasons:
- Minimum deposit 0.01 $;
- You can send up to 10 items for trade;
- Are accepted only subject to the CS: GO;
- There are problems with the Steam servers;
- You have not set up a mobile authenticator.
What is coin?
Coin - its site currency.1000 coin equivalent to 1 US dollar. They can be put in operation roulette or buy items in shop.
How can I get a coin?
Coin we give each user free of charge for certain activities:
- For entering the referral code, you get a 30 coin
. - For each new friend you you get 15 coin
. - For the participation in the game of Jackpot mode, you get a 5 coin
. You can get the coin to replenish the balance in skins csgo Roulette mode, or by clicking on links.
I have not found the answer to your question.
If you do not find here the answer to your question, then you can ask him
our tech support via this form to post to VK.com or send message to csmoritzz@gmail.com
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