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Site's commision

To maintain the website, we take our fee from the jackpot rooms, specifically JackPot(major) and JackPot(bum).

Types and amount of the fee.

We charge a commission of 0 to 15%. If you have any questions on charging commissions write to us at

Balance fill commision (payments)

  1. 0% commision - this fee is taken from a user if he refilled his balance via payment systems.

Balance fill commision (deposits). Genral fee is not taken. Instead the fee is tsake per each item. Fee is taken for such items:

  1. 30% commision - taken per each added sticker.
  2. 30% commision - taken per each added Music kit.
  3. commision 30% - taken per each added graffity.
  4. commision 40% - taken per each souvenir item.
  5. commision up to 80% - taken per each item if its price of the market is up to 5 cents.

If your fee was more than any fee described here - contact us

I didin't get the entire win!

Contact site administrator. You can email or sent the message to the Vkontakte community

How to get free skins?
  1. Add to your nickname
  2. Subscribe in STEAM community
  3. Click button "Want free CS:GO skin"
  4. Await for the trade
  5. You have 120 seconds to accept the trade!
Bot doesn't accept my trade!

Your trade must meet these requirements

  • Minimum deposit sum of 0.01/1$ depending on the room
  • Maximum amount of items in a trade - 10
  • You need to send only CS:GO items;
  • Your mobile authenticator is not set up.
What are coins/coin?

Coin - internal currency on the site. 100 coins are equal to 1$

How to get coins?

You can get 5 coins a day in Free skins section, and can also get them for free inviting friends. You can also get coins adding items to the site in Deposit

Why can't I withdraw from the shop?

The site has the anti-trade system, that means you can't withdraw right away after the deposit. On the shop page, under balance there is aline where you can find the amount available for you to withdraw. How is this calculated? Very easy, you bet 100 coins in double mode, if you win you get 100 coins to withdraw and so on.

I haven't found answer to my question!

If there are any questions left, you can email them to

When authorizing, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, the use of this site is prohibited.

I'm 18 years old